Tim Gunn Would Cringe

Posted on January 25, 2008


Tim Gunn Would Cringe 3

It’s been a busy morning, but the action on my part has finally calmed down, leaving time for a little on-set reporting.

Today is day one of ‘The Groom is Becoming a Tree,’ which, as you might have guessed, is about a groom becoming a tree.

Since this takes place before a wedding, the actors needed tuxedos for three of the characters. I managed to borrow some jackets from Goodwill, and found shirts and cummerbunds at Burlington Coat Factory.

The only problem was there were some last minute actor changes, and I was left with one large and two medium shirts for two large actors.

Actor One, who said he was actually an extra large, got the large and it fit well enough.

Actor Two’s medium shirt wouldn’t button. In the spirit of watching Project Runway last night, and to honor my new favorite phrase, I made it work.

But probably not how Tim or Heidi would have done it. Since this is movie magic, all that needs to look good is what is seen. So to get those extra few inches, I cut the back of the shirt in half and fastened it with some safety pins.

Tim Gunn Would Cringe 4

This little magic trick worked and once the jacket was on, no one was able to tell that the groom is wearing a franken-shirt.

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