Filming in the Trenches (And Live Video!)


Filming in the Trenches (And Live Video!) 1

This is the craziest film set I’ve seen on the soundstage.

After emerging from a dark editing room around midnight, I was told to check out the trench. I had heard someone was making a WWI trench movie. I didn’t know it was a trench epic.

I can’t believe how detailed and real it looks. I’m definitely inviting myself to this set to take pictures.

Crazy Trench Film Set

On another note, after jailbreaking my iPhone, I’m now able to stream live video through Qik (which is then stored on my page ala YouTube style). So I made a Coffee and Celluloid channel. I’m not entirely sure what I’ll use this for (streaming film sets in action?), but it’s there for your enjoyment.

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