How to Get a Dodge Magnum and Party Bus for Free [Producing]

Posted on February 12, 2008



While most of The Treasonist, the second film I produced, took place inside, the opening was supposed to have truckloads of shock-troops pile out of transports, ready to neutralize the hostage situation. I tried contacting the Army reserve, but by the time I got in touch with the right person (a week before filming), there wasn’t enough time.

So Aaron, the Director, said a black bus would work. And he also wanted a Dodge Magnum for the negotiation executives, as it kind of looks futuristic (a woman at the dealership said someone called it a pimp mobile).

For the Magnum, I went to a Dodge dealership and explained I’m producing a film and we’d like to feature the Dodge Magnum in. When you want something, I find it generally helps to make them feel special and only their product will do. And it worked.

They were nice and said I only needed to show proof of insurance, which the school has. Though the school makes us sign a waiver saying we can only use the insurance to put people’s mind’s at ease. If anything happens they won’t actually file a claim.

All I had to do was come back the morning of the shoot and pick the car up. And not have an accident. When I went to pick up the car (on a Saturday), the guy asked if I was going to bring it back Monday. I was too honest, and missed out on a little joy riding.

Surprisingly, the bus was easier to obtain. As you might be able to tell from the front on the picture above, there’s a limo service called Mike’s Limousine. This bus has flat screen TVs, an X-Box, and all sorts of goodies. I guess the shock-troops play a little Call of Duty to get pumped up.

I walked into Mike’s Limo, made them feel special, and after a little deliberation and a phone called to Ted, the bus was secured, driver and all.

Who needs the army when you have limos?

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