I’m Chuck Bass (And Who Watches the Watchmen?)


I'm Chuck Bass (And Who Watches the Watchmen?) 1

A film school Halloween obviously has to have character related costumes. Above, characters from Watchmen.

Below, me as Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl.

I'm Chuck Bass (And Who Watches the Watchmen?) 2

I had a lot of fun Goodwill hunting. It reminded me of production designing again. Unfortunately I don’t believe red guy pants exist in Tallahassee. I even had a tough time finding a nice paisley scarf to fake as an ascot.

But all in all I think it looked pretty Basstic.

If you’re curious, here’s the breakdown:

$5 – Burgundy Blazer (Goodwill)

$18 – Pink Shirt (Kohl’s)

$11 – Grey Pants (Target)

$15 – Purple Paisley Tie (Mine, probably from Macy’s)

$3 – Pocket Square (Burlington Coat Factory)

$52 total. I’m sure I’d have to add a zero to dress like the real Chuck Bass.

More photos here for Tina Fey and Sarah Palin.


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