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Two side by side headshots, one blurry, one not, showing the before and after of high quality video podcasting.

Welcome to the resource page for our Skillshare course on Video Podcasting with Riverside.

What’s the course? You can find out all about it right here: How to Produce a High-Quality Video Podcast with Riverside

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Below is a list of resources mentioned in the course. Each section heading corresponds to that specific lesson.

Equipment: Headphones, Microphones, and Mixers


USB Microphones

XLR Microphones

XLR to USB Devices

Additional Resources

Video Podcasting with Riverside - Course Resources 1
Workflow setup with multiple in-studio guests and remote guests via Riverside


Equipment: Lights

Equipment: Cameras

Video Podcasting with Riverside - Course Resources 2
One workflow option for connecting a DSLR or mirrorless camera with an XLR microphone to your computer


DSLR & Mirrorless Cameras

Cameras with USB Support

HDMI to USB Capture Device

Gear Breakdown

Room Setup – Soundproofing Supplies

Riverside Roles

Guest Prep Email Template

Use this template to send to your guests before they join (and modify it so it fits your voice).


Thanks so much for agreeing to come onto the podcast, really appreciate it!

Here's some info for joining when the time comes. Recording will be done on

You can log in to the studio at this link:

Recording Checklist
Here are some tips to make sure you have an optimal recording setup:
- Use a computer with a Chrome browser that’s up-to-date.
- Check your internet stability. Ethernet cable connections are preferred over WiFi.
- Use an external mic, if possible. Even the mic in your ear/headphones are better than your computer microphone.
- Use headphones/earphones to prevent echo and increase audio quality, even if they don't have a microphone.
- Close all other applications that don’t need to be open during the recording. This prevents CPU overload. Important: Please close all other programs that try to use your mic/camera.
- Turn on Do Not Disturb on your computer to prevent any notifications or alerts.
- Video is a priority for these shows so make sure you're prepared to appear on camera and your setup is camera-ready (as good as it can be). Avoid having any bright light sources directly behind you, like a window.
- Riverside will be uploading your video in the background, so once we end the recording stick around for a minute until the upload finishes.

If you have any questions just reply to this email. Looking forward to chatting!

Exporting Stems

Video Podcasting with Riverside - Course Resources 3
The advantage of Riverside is being able to download high-quality audio and video files recorded directly on your guests’ devices.

Publishing Your Episode

Video Podcasting with Riverside - Course Resources 4
Simplified workflow for hosting your podcast files to deliver to your listeners via their podcasting app of choice.

Podcast Hosting Platforms


Extra Features

Audience & Live Call-in

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